Usual Night

October 4, 2013. I already feel sleepy and it’s just 9:54 pm, I hate the fact that it’s because I just had my dinner. I feel like a lazy pig. Well, here I am trying to make a new post for this blog. It seems like it’s already forgotten and wasted so I wanted to make this active again by trying something different from my posts here, I want something versatile. I got inspired by some blogs I’m keeping posted. They’re very simple and entertaining and it doesn’t have to be really long, perfect and carefully thought. So here I am trying to have a quick lazy post. Note that I’m trying to use English here! Medyo mahirap dre. Maybe I’ll edit this some time.

Got home kinda late and passed through short but heavy rain. I rode an ordinary bus and it was really hot inside coz they had to close the windows. Thankfully, it wasn’t traffic.

As I was walking on the footbridge, I saw a man behind another stealing something from his backpack! I didn’t expected that coz at that time, the rain was pouring really hard and everyone was focused on not getting wet. I didn’t realize it until I passed 3 meters after them. The man on the front was really mindless of what’s happening, he’s looking far maybe wearing earphones and is holding an umbrella. I was surprised because the thief doesn’t look like he is, he looks like an innocent middle-aged man and dressed pretty well. I wanted to shout but it happened fast and my mind was too slow that time to understand what was happening. 😐

We really have to be vigilant whenever we are outside like what my mum is always telling us, looks can be deceiving. Keep safe guys.

As I reached home, I immediately look for food as I was really hungry. This is what I had for dinner.


With matching orange juice. I just had to share that. Lol.


I was dragging myself for my routine every night. Ofcourse I have to wash my own dishes, because my sister, the dishwasher, already did her job as I got home late and she was about to sleep.


Then I had to prepare Rancho’s food. Here’s my dog’s putahe for the night. Lol.


So yummy right? As I was preparing this, he got out of his leash. Damn it. I have to make tali him again even if it’s so kadiri. Joke. Hahaha!


Chillax, Rancho! I know it’s so delicious but calm down, this is all yours! Joke. -___-”


Lol. I think this is enough. Sorry, I don’t know what I just posted here. I still have to work on our Design plate, although I’m having a hard time installing Lumion. 😦

Good night! Cheers.

Feeling weird,


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