Mr. And Ms. PUP 2013


October 5, 2013. Saturday. 10:03 am. Good morning. Today is Meg‘s pageant for the Mr. and Ms. PUP 2013. I am an excited and nervous friend here, though of course, I believe that she has all what it takes for the crown. I hope I won’t sound like a pageant fanatic here. Lol. She’s just really a good friend of ours and she represents the College of Architecture and Fine Arts. You know, represeeentzzz! 😛

We really had to make time to support her because as you’d know, Architecture is such a busy course and we’re flooded with deadlines next week. Moreover, our friend Gene, who’s our design group leader, was the one who coaches Meg all along. He has to be there, and because we know that there will be a lot of pretty ladies there, Gerald and I just decided to come along. Lol. They had a pre-pageant a few days ago, and I’d say she had done pretty well. Though they said the walk was not strong enough, I thought her personality popped out from the rest in the Q&A portion.

Her question was, as I remember, “As an Architecture student, what kind of structure would you build and why.”

She had a small chuckle (for no evident reason) before she answered. Lol. Maybe a bit nervous, but that made us laughed and lightened the air. She said, non verbatim, “I think I would design a condominium or a vertical farm, but I prefer a condominium more because as you can see, condominiums nowadays are… Let’s face it… Boooring! (chuckles) Then she said she’d want something wild and beyond normal.


It seemed that behind that innocent and angelic smile, this girl is adventurous and wiiild! Lol. 😉

[Photo from Meg De Leon’s Facebook]

So today, to show my love and support, I made a placard for her!


I really hope that she’ll notice this from the crowd and feel our overwhelming support. Loljk. 😛


Gerald and I planned to go to school as early as 1 am so we can get the front seats. Unfortunately, he was left by the train and had to wait for the next one. I went directly to Ninoy Aquino Learning Center to see what’s happening, then I bumped to Gene, the guy who I was talking about, the one who’s very dedicated to this kind of event. Technically, he’s Meg’s coach so he can already enter the room and onto the backstage. I was left to wait for Gerald, so I checked out the place for a while.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 001

Please welcome, the contestants for America’s Next Top Model Guy-Girl Cycle 24!!! Jk.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 002

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 003

The reception area before the start of the pageant.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 007

When Gerald came, the room wasn’t open yet so we waited for our other CAFA mates to arrive. People are starting to queue to get the front seats. First come, first serve.

I almost forgot to share, as we were waiting outside, we got to see Alessandra de Rossi arrive and enter the building. She passed in front of us! Forgot to take a picture of her, it seemed so fast. She does looks the same as you see her on screen.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 009

Me, without the camera signal. Lol. The room was dark so we had to flash the camera.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 008

Roselle and Justy. I bet these girls were already done on their Design plate. Psh. :< 😀

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 014

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 025

The program was started with the national anthem and a doxology from this dance group. It was very artistic.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 020

They brought legit placards for Meg, they said they got it from the Interior Design, I’m not sure what it’s original purpose. Fortunately, there are M-E-G letters so tamang-tama, I hope the ID’s won’t mind. That was resourcefulness right there! Or else we had to use the one that I made. Lol.

We weren’t a big support group compare to others so when it’s time to cheer for Meg, it’s kinda waley. Lol. Thankfully, Roselle was friendly enough to make friends with the cheering audience behind us. They’re from COC and we decided to join forces, we’ll cheer for them and they’ll cheer for us too. That is, another form of resourcefullness right there. 😛

All I can say is that they were very very loud, obnoxious and funny! I had a lot of extreme laughter with them, I really can’t help it! It was tiring but fun.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 032

Then it was immediately followed by introducing the candidates with their theme wear. The program was hosted by Steve Dailisan from GMA News. They all had wonderful costumes. Out of all the contestants, Meg was the only one who didn’t have a partner. Von was sick so she had to ramp by herself and introduce herself alone, which somehow became a negative impact for her.

I kinda feel sad for Meg because she wanted this and prepared for this event, but that just what happened, and we can’t just blame Von for that. On the positive side, I think it’s also an opportunity for her to be noticed and stood out from the others.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 037

On the formal wear, she also had to walk by herself onstage.

MR. & MS. PUP 2013 039

Go Meggy Peggy! Lol. Then there’s the announcement of the Top 5. In random order, they roll out the names. Our both hands together hoping for a spot and that became smaller and smaller until the last spot was called and it still wasn’t Meg. 😦

After all, we knew that it’s a worthwhile experience for her to look back in the future. I know this event made her a better person. Since the Mr. and Ms. CAFA 2013 back then, she became an improved version of herself, she dresses and takes care of herself better and gained more friends. She can use this as an advantage for her next pageant coz I tell you, experience is just a strong weapon. Or maybe she’ll just want to focus on Architecture more and this will be just a tasteful memory to share.

She borrowed my sister’s shoes and as she returned it to me that day, she apologized for she thought she disappointed us. Oh, come on! We were there to support you all throughout! Whether you made it or not, we’re very proud of you. We all love you, Meg!

PS. Didn’t want to end the story of the event that abrupt. Lol. Can’t think anymore. Until the next post! 😀

Supportive until the end,


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