Sembreak: Boredom Phase


Feeling the boredom phase of the sembreak now? Ha! Me too. Lol. I think it only feels great on its first 3 days, especially if you don’t have plans on how you’re going to spend it. I wish I could save these free days, and use it on the next semester. Say, I don’t feel like going to class tomorrow, I saved a couple of sembreak days and I’ll spare one! Plus, you can sell it coz it’ll be in demand fo sho. 😉 That would be nice.

Have you done something productive since the start of vacation besides producing fat? I hope you did. About me, as far as I can remember, it’s mostly household chores. Plenty of them. I’m beginning to say that staying at home is more tiring than when you’re at school especially when mum’s around but I don’t have anything against the chores or the discipline she’s applying to us. Actually, I know it’ll turn us into productive healthy human species, I can realize it now just by comparing our lifestyle to most of my friends. But of course, it’s not easy to always put that in mind. Sometimes, I just get irritated… I was about to say that I’m a teenager after all, then I suddenly remember I’m not anymore. Lol.


What’s on my left is a pile of dirty clothes, I wonder when I’m going to wash them. Maybe if I already ran out of clothes to wear, and have no choice but to use my elementary grades shirts, you think? Lol. My room still looks ridiculous right now. I’ve read an article that unorganized people tend to be more creative than the organized ones. You can search about it. I think there’s truth to it coz ideas comes pouring when I’m surrounded with all these clutters. Unlike when I cleaned my room, fixed my things and put them on their respective places, I feel stiff and blank. Although it opposes the idea that you can think more clearly with the latter.

I think it’s two different things though, thinking clearly and thinking creatively. On the other hand, I’m a natural obsessive compulsive person and I can’t live like this forever. But because of what I learned, I therefore conclude that I won’t give my hundred percent in cleaning my room anymore because of it effects on human brain. Kidding, mum! -_-

A few days ago, my sister and I cut the giant shrub in front of our house, it was a battle against thorns as usual! I was bloody and my sister got a pretty long cut on her face! A mark of bravery, a sign of a true warrior. Lol. Hopefully, It won’t left a mark on her face. I shouldn’t have let that happened on the first place. Bad bro. I wanted to take a picture to show, but I’m afraid she’ll think I’ll just make fun of her.

I ended up by putting them all in a huge trashcan and pushing them down with my both feet! Triumphant! 😀


Hey, I want to share our finished work for Architectural Design 7: International Marina and Yacht Club Design to end the semester. It’s on a public album on Facebook, maybe you’d want to check it out. 😀 #toomuchpublicity


Here’s the link:

Enjoy the sembreak, guys! Thanks for reading. Lol.

Trying to blog,


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