Day #1

This morning, mum woke me up by telling me to buy eggs and cook it for breakfast. I was still groggy and just realized she was talking to me by the time she’s about to end what she’s saying. I affirmed that by the money she left on my book rack. I literally stood up and went directly outside as if I’m sleepwalking. I was fully awake by the time I’m going back home with P20 in my hand, unsure, because I really don’t remember how much money I brought with me. Lol.

We’re very specific on how we want our eggs to be cooked. Lia wants her egg beaten and toasted crispy. Mum wants the regular sunny-side-up equally cooked and Faye wants hers to be between a sunny-side-up and a beaten. Well, it isn’t as hard to make as it sounds, all you have to do is crack the egg on pan, and while it’s cooking, ram the yolk like you mean it! Lol. It’s easier coz you don’t have to be careful ruining the form of the yolk. I wonder what’s the difference though.


When it comes to me, I don’t want my eggs to be touched too much! Lol. No pun intended, coz I want a sunny-side-up with the white crispy around and under, but still with a moist and runny yolk. You just have to leave it on pan with high fire. I’m actually planning to write a book about it. Lol. I wanted to take photos, but I didn’t want them to think I’ll just put it on Instagram with #foodporn. Anak, ano na naman yang kaartehan na ginagawa mo? Paki-explainlabyu.

After our breakfast, I was asked to fix the screen on our kitchen window, coz lately there is someone bothering us every night and we keep on hearing weird noises in the kitchen. #creepy



That’s my friend Sadako right there, and it’s not about her. Just saying hi. Lol. I’m talking about the huge rat trying to get in our kitchen, this one is kinda gross. Actually, I think it already got in a few times before. Let me ruin the appetite I build from eggs just seconds ago. For the ones who’s eating, go turn off the computer and focus on your food first. Get some manners! Jk!

Would you believe that the reason why we put a screen there was because a cat used to get in by that window? The reason why sometimes the food we left on table was gone and left us blaming each other who ate it. One day, we left a fish on the table with a soy sauce along side. Next thing I see, the fish is only half and it was dipped in soy sauce! So cats dip now? Saucy cat.

Now that cat seems old and weird now. The last time I was trying to feed him, he was doing this long smirk, I don’t know how you call it, it’s like what they do when you’re trying to steal their food, he looks really angry. But it kept on purring and coming near me and just when I’m about to give the food, he does that again, ready to strike a scratch. What’s wrong with you, stupid cat. Lol.

So there was a hole on the metal screen and we assumed it was done by the rat. Based on that large hole, I bet it’s a Rattata Pokemon!

I put a patch of screen on the hole but the ties look weak though, The wires are thick and hard to tie so I just bent it like that. My hands feel tired and hurt, I was so lazy doing that, I’m kinda expecting she’ll not be contented with that poor fix and will ask me to do it again. Lol. My fault, I know.

But I still managed to make a rat figure out of the wire. I knew I should’ve focused more on what she was asking me to do. But it’s a rat figure! Isn’t that cute? Lol.

Sorry for this nonsense post. -_-



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