The PNR Train

As I stepped into college, I didn’t mind my way of transportation to school. I was just excited to study far away from home, coz my high school was 1 jeep away (most common mode of transportation in middle-class districts here in the Philippines) and you’ll get there in just 5-10 minutes. Boring. Lol. In fact, we sometimes walk it back home but not recommendable, just in case of extreme traffic or walk-out of drivers or something. It’s only walking distance when you’re doing it with friends, they make time feels faster and shorter. 😀


The Colorful Philippine Jeepney [ Photo from ]

Saying good bye to the good old path was sad but mostly exciting as I’ll get longer travel time and experience new things. At first it was good coz I was exploring Manila for the first time but then as the semesters pass and school works became harder as ever, it got tiring and I never thought I’ll ever hate my way of transportation like this! Long travel time sucks. Lol.

My first year in Architorture (as we call it) taught me that it’s completely normal to stay awake all night from time to time, and sometimes an overnight is still reasonably not enough to finish what you’re doing. When I was in high school, not sleeping at night was kinda cool. You watch tv, play video games and text annoying group messages all night long, and then you end up sleeping in class. Lol.

Now in college, there are more things to do and I can’t just ignore them because it ain’t playing games no more. The first time I tried an all-nighter, I feel like a zombie who’s gonna puke at anyone any time.

I just wanna go home and dive to bed! Too bad I still had to travel 2 and a half hours and sometimes you had to bring scale models, long t-square and heavy huge stuffs. What a hassle! I took short naps when riding crowded buses and jeeps but I still had to check on my things like if my scale model was still Victorian, not Desconstructivist or if I still have them at all! Lol. To amplify the agony, there’s the heavy rain and traffic. -_-

Then one day, I tried the PNR public train. It was there long before, but I kinda ignored it. I never really noticed its station in front of our school. I was a bit worried at first until I found out that I have a lot of schoolmates who ride this train regularly. It was raining that day but it made the transportation very comfortable and less stressful! It’s air-conditioned but the fare is cheap, from my initial of around P45 it was cut down to P18. At the same time, fast. It took me less time to get to school, from 2 and a half hours to just 30-45 minutes! This was my once my savior!

But in just few months, it got more and more crowded as ever. Maybe students like me started to figure out the advantage of this train. I thought it was a fortunate destiny but I watched it as it turned into a form of hell. >.<

It somewhat became a service train for students from South, mostly schoolmates, that one of my friends actually dubbed it PUP train. It’s also used by many construction workers and hawkers especially on rush hours like 6-8 am and 4-7 pm adding to the regular and student crowd which make those time really deadly, and I’m not exaggerating there. Lol.

I’m not going to rant here about their poor service and my discontent. It’s a public train so just take it like a man or leave it, you always have the choice to take the cab or bus. Besides, I know that many people have tried already. As Filipinos, there’s always a lighter side of it. People engage in conversations as if we know each other for a long time and it’s totally okay to butt in whenever you want. Sharing different stories about their job/study, family and experiences. We just sing and laugh out the malfunctions of the stupid train. One big happy Filipino family right?

Ofcourse we’re people after all, and it’s not always a good mood. When I do, I just stay quiet and subtly hint my impatience when the train starts to add it up. There are different classes of PNR train, Gerald (my best mate and train buddy) and I made this up according to its comfort. Lol.

The class A – it’s the regular blue/orange train where the air-conditioner is still in good condition, travels fast, the lights are okay and the hand rails are still there coz I believe some are already in junk shop and turned into pocket money. Lol. I think this train also holds the most records for PNR train accidents. Broken-hearted students prefer this type.

The punyeta-this hybrid train – I’m not really sure why we call it punyeta (stupid), maybe because it’s really slow and it caused many students marked late on their class records. Hybrid because it’s composed of an ordinary (no air-conditioner) train pulling the air-conditioned coaches. Ah! Maybe that’s why it’s slow! I honestly just figured that out while I’m typing this! Lol. I feel slow. But honestly, I feel more comfortable here than the class A coz it’s wider and longer, maybe I’ll propose to promote this to my friend. Loljk.

The class B – it’s an ordinary red train which still in good condition, but really hot and humid inside. Travels fairly fast. It has electric fans on the ceiling that are waiting to cut anything or anyone who’s going to make a dumb clumsy move. Lol. I think it needs better cover for its ceiling fans. Sometimes the fans stuck in one direction, so you have to quickly jerk it to your direction while the favored persons aren’t looking, so as to convince them that it just came back to normal and got stucked again, this time in your own direction. Lol. #tips

The class C – it’s the poor version of B, and it doesn’t have fans. The seats are still upholsted but damaged, it has bugs and covered with dust. It also has rusty windows and hand rails. Did I already say it doesn’t have fans?

The class D – it’s a piece of rust with wheels. No better way to describe it, sorry I did my best. Lol.

In my years of riding the train, I’ve heard people’s lines over and over again like the guard will tell you to not meet the passengers when they are going out coz they’re not your relatives, it was a bit funny on its first punch but I still keep on hearing it until now. Lol. Okay, sir!

There will also be a man or a woman who will suddenly scream dramatically that we are all humans! Not animals! So act accordingly! Then you’ll hear people making bark sounds!

Loljkidding, I just made that up.

There’s the occassional epilepsy, I’ve seen one and that ain’t funny coz handicapped people had to suffer because of too much crowd. Maybe they should limit the passengers in every station so people won’t have to suffer. I have a friend (Hey, can I share this? Lol. Whatever, it’s funny, I’ll share it! Lol.) who was tired from school and had to ride the train but it was so crowded that she got dizzy and lost her sense for a while. Next thing she knew, she was sitting and people were putting many weird ointments on her face and when she got up, she found red stains on the seat and pretended she didn’t see it. Hahaha! Sorry, I find this really funny! Hahahahaha*fades*

There will be the crazy fights caused by the stress and heat in a crowded train and people will be yelling and cheering as if it’s a boxing championship. I find the bashing of words funnier especially when the one he or she is talking to is on the other end of the coach, so all people would have to hear everything they’ll say to each other.

There’s a lot more to say but I feel weird posting a 1390+ words in a single post. Lol. Will post again soon. 😀

Saying hi to my friends and all my PUP mates out there,


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