Day #2

Got home a couple of minutes ago and here I am for a quick post. Just wanna have a guilty slack by sharing my tiring day. If I’m not mistaken, we’re just on our third week of the 2nd semester and with our line of high-caliber professors, we’re already being pounded as hard as shit, though not surprisingly. We’re on our 4th year and it’s expected that things will get more challenging as ever. If I know, it’s only the tip of the ice berg. -_-

It’s nice to have writing exercise like this especially this sem of bloody, brain-squeezing research writing.

First, I want to share the new flavors of free Eight O’clock being given throughout the city. Mango and pineapple! Lol. They’re on their way to conquer the Philippines with diabetes. Just tried the mango, I like it better than the orange. Not too sweet, not to mention that it’s one of my favorite fruits.

Found this pile of free Eight O’clocks on our table. My sister said she got all of these just today. Lol.

Last night I felt lucky to get back home early so I can already go to church by night instead of the early morning schedule. We have a regular worship twice a week and I try not to see it as a burden but a favor instead. By the way, we had an airport case study to be submitted the next day and it’s like doing a normally week-long job over night. I haven’t done much coz we had a bunch of things to do beforehand. As I shared to my buddy, I am on my obsessive compulsive mode every time we have a tedious homework to do, especially in my room. I don’t like seeing my things not on their proper location, I want everything to be neat and organized. If not, it’s like I’m not doing my work right therefore it bothers me to the point that I can’t think very clearly. It feels like a small glitch would ruin my whole imaginary system! Weird guy.

To prepare myself last night, I bought three pieces of pudding for my expected late night hunger. Unexpectedly, I was feeling drowsy as early as 11:00 pm, so I took a power nap for about 10-22 minutes which kunwari I learned from sir Mike Manalo that it’s enough time to freshen up yourself. If you haven’t known that, it’s true and we can no longer reason out that we need more time to sleep. Kinda sad news for us lazy bastards. Just after I woke up, I drank an Extra Joss to energize myself though at 3 am, I still felt tired but not really sleepy, nonetheless, I decided to continue later when the sun is all up.

I woke up again, but now with a bit of panic as I overslept for an hour. By the afternoon, I barely have time to take a bath and prepare myself but still managed to fit up all in just 10 minutes! On my walk to the train station, I’m quite far when I heard it honking and got jumpy coz it’s my only option to be on time, or else I might have just failed to submit all I wrote throughout the night. So I sprinted the hell out of me just to catch the arriving train that I felt I was Jeremy Renner in an action scene. Crazy day.

I got in school early and submitted on time but unfortunately, our professor didn’t like our papers so he asked all of us to resubmit. Lol. Then we were asked to submit this day a design model for our proposed airport out of papers. After we finished our work, we all called it a day. A ‘trashy’ day. 😛

Photo: #scalemodelling

Here’s my #ootd and how I think I looked today.


With my tight-fitting blue shirt, I feel my belly being emphasized today. I also think I need a haircut… and a sleep.

Kidding aside and with all due respect, I want to give my deepest condolence to my friend who’s mother just passed away today. Prayers for her. (-/|\-)

Good night,


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