Chasing Sunsets x Beach Boys


It’s Holy Week 2015 and we had a summer lust to frolick in beach and to have a good feel of sunset. Luckily, we were able to enjoy the place despite of Chedeng‘s threat, which already weakened as a tropical storm from a super typhoon as of the moment. Fyi, this was a hasty under-the-table trip. We just decided it the night before, right after realizing that the holiday was slowly getting spoiled and just before our schedule get jammed up again.We at least tried to invite friends but they weren’t free or maybe they thought that this was a bit crazy idea. 😛

We decided to go to a beach around our province, Sariaya, Quezon. Our original target destination was too crowded to accommodate us that we decided to go somewhere else. We consequently had no regrets because we paid less without compromising much quality.


Lol. 😀


Aside from chips, we brought tuna pasta which was unbelievably good for a meal that is too easy to prep.


We woke up early to catch the dawn.


Have an awesome day,


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