Fitness x Egay

So today, I believe, is the first day typhoon Egay poured rain throughout the day since it entered the country, at least in Taguig. I admit I’d prefer getting wet by rain instead of the heat. Yes, uncomfortably wet out of sweat. Typical problem of someone with over-active sweat glands living in a 3rd world tropical country. But this morning was crazy, a series of unexpected events. How I wish I was able to snap more photos but nah, partly because I don’t want to be judged by doing so (well, I won’t hesitate next time!).

My friends and I are building a routine of working-out/hanging-out every Sunday morning, not to mention Gene and I’s more acute sessions throughout the week (we’re planning to take it seriously). Today’s bad weather isn’t an exception, also because we have already planned and prepared our diet snacks days before (lol). When it comes to food, we’re crazy about it.


Sarah and Gerald made veggie salad w/ Japanese roasted sesame dressing and grilled cheese sandwiches for us. Gene also brought his mum’s goodie pastry and pork roll. Yum! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my share, which supposed to be bananas (well, it’s good when you’re working out). That of course made me shy for a while (lol). We originally planned to go biking around Garden of Memories in Taguig, the cemetery where Gerald’s some relatives are buried. But unfortunately (again), I can’t manage to bike on main road like they do because I simply suck, so I decided to just jog all the way to the place, lucky enough that it wasn’t that far.

IMG_0070IMG_0076IMG_0073 IMG_0077

On our way, rain was already drizzling then poured hard later on.  So we decided to keep dry on the columbarium’s patio and to just perform in-place cardio. While doing our 2nd set, Sarah was complaining that she’s already tired and that she can’t do it anymore. I believe we thought it’s just the usual complains while working out. Suddenly, she’s complaining she can’t see and hear anything at all, that got us worried so we approached and asked her to please calm down.

Then she blacked-out for a couple of secs. and when she opened her eyes, she asked what happened. She started gasping hard. She looked so painful. She was calling her mum, crying while catching her breath. Then she had this brief spasm, her hands and legs twitched involuntarily, her tongue sort of sticking out. It was terrible looking at her, it’s the first time I saw her like that. Poor Sarah. We/she should’ve known she couldn’t take the fatigue, also because it’s her first day of period.

Good thing, we managed to stay as calm as we could, esp. Gene who I know has experience on first aid/nursing. We laid her on a long chair. Soon she was feeling a little better and started giving us smiles and giggles in closed eyes, in response to Gene’s funny remarks. Then her good boyfriend, Gerald, took her home as soon as she had strength to sit.


Gerald left his bike because he couldn’t bring it along with Sarah, so I was forced to use and bring it all the way to Gene’s house. The weather wasn’t getting any better and we had no coats, so we decided to just get through it.

And my, biking wobbly while raining hard on the narrow roads of Pateros was pretty intense gaming! Those vehicles beside and behind me had no idea how my butt hurts. Painfully enough, we kind of got lost and made the way to his home longer.

On lighter story, I thought I was in a movie or something. It felt good as art deep inside.

Will definitely do it again. 🙂


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