Books for Less!

August 5, 2015


Today, I checked an item from my week’s to-do list and that is going to a Books for Less warehouse sale at Pasig city. I bought 6 books and I’m excited to share them to you guys (just pretend you’re interested). I figured out they have it yearly and in month-long spree. I feel left out because I only learned it last week, I was hoping there are still good ones there. Some people buy in bulks because it doesn’t have limit and it only costs P20.00 each. Yea, everything. I also learned that last year, it was only P10.00 each! But they say the sale this year is bigger, and hopefully better selections. You definitely need patience to find the gold ones.

I was supposed to apply for a scholarship but I misunderstood the appointed date, it wasn’t today, so I went to the sale instead. Our parents support us earnestly when it comes to books. They’d be willing to buy any book for us just because we like it!  Unlike when it comes to clothes, gadgets, foods and all. So I’m very happy about that, it’s my kind of cake.

I didn’t really have a hard time finding the place, I hope you won’t too if you’re interested. I’m not sure if there’s a better way, but after dropping to Pasig city hall, you can ride a trike to the place worth P9.00. It’s in front of La Consolacion Pasig. In my case, I walked all the way to it as I was still figuring out the place.


I didn’t have an exact book or genre in mind, but I’m willing to look on every corner of the shelves. The place is fairly huge for an all-P20.00 sale but I was expecting a larger one. To be honest, I felt the really good cakes we’re already taken, but I still found some that catched my span of interests. The first thing I did was to check out the hard bounds (because they’re obviously the ones that were expensive “before.”) Ha! I just sort of skimmed every shelves at first, not thoroughly because I wanted to glimpse all the books as much as I can and to immediately grab ones that interests me at the same time. After doing so, I did another round, this time, more conscientious. Then another round, and another round.


After getting tired and hungry. I sorted out all the books I got, decided if I really wanted this and all. It was damn heavy because I got the thick hard bounds. And oh, I almost forgot, bring your own eco bags, baskets, plastics or anything that could help you carry the books easier. They sell eco bags there though, in case you forgot.

I honestly didn’t like the novels selection there, mostly for hopeless romantic oldies, out-of-this-world-nerdy-sci-fi genre as well as books that has blood, dead, death, kill in its title. Just not my type. I could actually tell my kind of book just by judging its width, height and thickness (I’m not judging the cover). I reaaally dooo.  Haha! There were also a lot of bibliographies, mostly of baseball players and politicians. I believe 50% of books there are for kids! Take your kids there!!! Trust me. There were also weird ones like Parent’s Guide to Surgery and all, something like that.

The first book I bought is “Corrections in America,” An Introduction (5th Edition) by Harry E. Allen and Clifford E. Simonsen. It’s for my thesis reference, bitches! I was actually surprised there’s something like this there. It’s very informative and it will help me a lot. Will tell you guys more about it some time.


Second one, “Make The Connection,” Ten Steps To A Better Body – And A Better Life by Bob Greene and Oprah Winfrey. Title kills me. But heyyy, It’s Oprahhh. In the 80’s. Hahaha! I told you I’m into fitness, health and shit.


Next one, “Dream a World” by Macmillan and McGraw-Hill. It’s the kind of book that doesn’t have any description on the back. But it’s a good one, old-school real life inspirational stories of success and life values.


Next one, “Book of Interior Decoration” by I dunno, I can barely see the name. The book flaked on that part. All plain and mysterious but it’s a ladies’ home journal. Architecture and Interior Design stuff. My stuff. The content is impressively detailed.


Communication Matters”  by McCutcheon, Schaffer and Wycoff. Cool names, btw. The contents are easy-to-understand technical matters. In another life, I wanna be in the writing and communication industry or some sort. Weeell, not really. Maybe I just want to be articulate and all.


Last and small, but not the least, “Tranquility Without Pills,” All About Transcendental Meditation by Jhan Robbins and David Fisher. Because the art of peaceful thinking amuses me so much like yoga.


That’s all! I’m kinda in a rush right now, and I feel the impulsive need to post this rightaway! Btw, you check out their Facebook page and site.

Fistbump! 😀

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