Black Chicks

Aug. 30, 2015

The other day, Aug. 28, 2015 marked the first ever egg hatch of our first ever hen – it felt like Christmas. I was about to start my lousy cleaning that day when I decided to take a peek on its dragon eggs first. I was surprised to see 3 feeble chicks on its nest! Sure it was a surge of joy, I almost shrieked like a woman. Only that, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting yellow ones because it’s what I usually see and not because I’m racist. Nevertheless, it feels wonderful to realize you have seen the whole process since your chicken was a virgin.

Immediately, I went back inside and told everyone the news very casually, as if I wasn’t excited, just to seem cool and all. We didn’t know what to do because the hen seems to be stomping its chicks like grapes, but it won’t let us touch them, it was so fierce I took it a photo.


Quick related trivia: Tyrannosaurus rex’s closest living relative is the chicken. Based on a study.

I’ll call it Beyonce.


“Chick 1”


“Chick 2”


Chick 3. Only that it’s dead. Didn’t survive its mum’s stomping and scratching it took away its one leg. Sad.


A cage in a cage.


If you’re thinking that’s a dying chick, it’s NOT. Calm down. It’s just chillin’. We helped it stand up, it can still barely walk. So cute.



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