AlDub Factor


Chiiika Minute! Yuuup. I’m writing about it because (a) I was bit by the biz bug, and (b) it has become widespread craze among majority of Filipinos in and out there. Just (c) want to share my conscientiousness about it – for fans and non-fans, in case you got interested of reading this. Shout out to our extremely rational fellows who think I don’t care or unaware of more important matters of humanity. In case you still disgust me for this – I’m sooorry, okaaay?

I know there are already jillions of jeje articles about it, so I’ll try my best to put it in a different, macho-manly kilig perspective. So AlDub, in case you’re living north of the wall, is coined love team of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub on Kalyeserye, an inadvertent segment of the noon show Eat Bulaga on GMA. It has been topping Twitter worldwide trend list and recently whored 25.6 million tweets on September 26, 2015.

Who would’ve thought that a sudden, offhand smile from a girl (which made the public realized she’s actually pretty) after seeing a handsome guy smiling at her, will turn out to be a phenomenal craze?

And I just sounded like a full-fledged chikadora.

I think what people adore about it is the genuineness of the tandem. Sure it’s showbiz, but the shift is, it wasn’t built up by media or anyone else’s idea. The chemistry conspicuously and intuitively showed itself right there, at that brief moment. It was GMA’s reasonable move to take advantage.

The fresh face of Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub is a plus, as people always demand for something new, not to mention her countless faces – but that’s not what I meant. I wasn’t familiar with her popular dubsmash vids which she is known for, until her first appearance in Eat Bulaga. Pretty face is definitely not the only aspect people like about her, despite coming from a well-off family, she has quirky and down-to-earth personality.

On the other hand, we have known the fair lad Richard Faulkerson a.k.a. Alden Richards for a couple of years already and has maintained very admirable character, but he had never hit this big before, as now dubbed as Pambansang Bae.

To be bloody honest, the last love team I fancied was Melason of PBB Double Up. Hahaha! They were just so cute and real too, but more on the funny side. What I personally like about AlDub is that you can actually see them get kilig to each other in real time. Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Paolo Balesteros as Yaya Dub‘s lolas are the ones funny, not really Yaya Dub herself, and I believe the 3 stooges play an important aspect of its success. Everybody loves rom-com.

I like its concept of young love in modern-techy era where they can only communicate with each other through lip-synching songs and writing on paper (they also only see each other through screen), which has good resemblance of youth lifestyle today. On the contrary, it relives and advocates traditional courtship when love don’t come easy and lovers had to wait for the right time. It gets more lively as Lola Nidora plays as the antagonist of their story who’ll give trials and hindrance to both of them, a traditional plot on Filipino tv-soap culture. The nanny role also has huge appeal to the mass (like Be Careful With My Heart) typically pairing it up with a rich and sophisticated lead man role, but Maine as quite the opposite in real life definitely adds charm to it.

Aside from new, I think the idea of using songs instead of actual speaking makes it whimsy cute and appealing. You can’t consider them as prime time love team material such as KathNiel, LizQuen, JaDine, etc. just yet, which makes them more real. Moreover, AlDub was formed in Juan for All, All for Juan, which I’d say, has the closest connection to public reality on Philippine tv, as of the moment. 

It’s cheesy and corny but we secretly love it like that, don’t we? It’s also provocative yet cautious, which leaves people wanting for more. In a parallel world where I’m the writer, I’ll never make them speak nor make them see each other in real life. Yes, but no one will know so people will just keep on hoping. An elusive dream, a forever tease.

I know someday people will be over it, just like usual showbiz love teams, but not the classics. I’d make it as memorable as tragic love, like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, etc. As poetic as the sun and the moon.

Naaaaah, well that’s just me! It’s already an original, so I just hope it won’t turn up like the ones we have in recent years. 🙂

PS. Chivalry is not dead.



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