Day #4

5 am – Woke up from my fone’s alarm, probably woke them up too because we all currently sleep in one room – I’m sorry. It’s Sunday morning, fitness day! Impressed with myself because I wasn’t too upset getting out of bed. I’ve been adapting a body clock that’s good for future work days, this includes avoiding to stay up beyond 12 midnight, waking up as early as 5 am (6 am is still acceptable) and avoiding afternoon naps (as much as possible).

5:10 am – Waited for reality to set in, now sitting in couch fully awake. Will check Facebook for a while, should get out by 5:30 so I’ll be there around 6. All I have to do is eat and get my stuff, will just take bath later in the day.

5:45 am – Last night’s FIBA 2015 finals game terribly upset many Filipinos. It was our Gilas against the Chinese dragons and it’s big deal especially in a country where basketball is life. Although it didn’t affect me as much as Sharapova falling out of a grandslam because ain’t fan of the sport. Just going for the hype of finals x Philippines x China. I believe one can’t be a legit fan if one doesn’t actually play it. They said referees were biased on their calls – I really don’t like sports where referees play huge part in it, contact sports on that matter. That’s also why racquet sports are mah thang.

What, it’s already quarter to 6? Still haven’t eaten anything yet. Should’ve grabbed something while scrolling on feed. Never mind, 30 minutes late won’t hurt much, they’ll surely understand.

6:35 am – Arrived just on time. Sarah and Gerald wasn’t there yet, so Gene and I decided to hit few shuttlecocks and warm up.


7:15 am


I immediately ran out of breath while jogging because it’s been a while since legit one. Will try harder next time and give you figures because I don’t have any idea how long our track is now. After that, I borrowed Gerald‘s bike and pedaled 2 laps, impressed with myself as I’m now comfortable with corners. Fyi, I just learned how to bike on junior hs year, never really had chance in my childhood (lol).

When I was parking the bike, already on break and just merely walking it – I fell on ground!


9 am – We were thinking of something to eat like porridge or soy, but we agreed to just do it next time because I still have errands to do. We also realized we need to take bath now because we already smell like sour stew.

9:25 am – Almost home when mum called, asked angrily what time I’ll be back. Ugh, she should calm down sometimes, it’s not like I’m doing drugs or something. It’s uncanny how she tend to bring up something just when I’m on it. For instance, the last time I was out with friends, I was thinking what time should I go home. After 2 minutes, I received a text from her warning me not to stay out too late.

9:45 am – Mum’s still preparing herself and asked me to feed pets while waiting. My right eye hurts badly because of crappy contact lens, so I was sulkily feeding them. I was complaining in mind why should it always have to be me. I didn’t even want them on the first place. In case I do, I want my own and I can’t consider them as mine as long as they command me what to do with them.

Mum had barely touched animals because of allergy, she also doesn’t like their smell. Few times were when cat was under the dining table and had its fur ran on our feet, she had shrieked and kicked it. My sister on the other hand, just got touchy to our dog recently after realizing on Instagram that all fancy celebs have one.

But I love my family and our pets – I told you, it’s just because of this crappy contact lense.


Remember the chillin’chick? That’s it, just getting a little panic here. So funny I can’t take a normal picture of it. If not posing weird, it’s running wild. It’s the only one left among the litter and we’re hoping it’s not a rooster, but I think it is. The other one got drowned in mud during a rainy day.

10:45 am – Got home from market. Sooo tired. Wasn’t speaking the whole time because I still feel very uncomfortable with my right eye, I just wanted to be done with it and rest. I didn’t remove it a while ago because carrying heavy plastic bags under tropical sun + acidic + glasses isn’t a very good idea either. I think she thought I was mad at her.

12:30 pm – Woke up to eat lunch. My right eye was a bit blurry for a while, then went back to normal again. Thankfully. It was a good sleep, no regrets.

2:00 pm – Migraine. Tried to sleep again before going to church, but failed.

5:15 pm – Home from church. It’s been a rainy afternoon. I enjoy this kind of weather, so chill.


8:00 pm – Dinner time. So azian.


12 am – Good night. Hmmwah!

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