Day #5: Going Back to Sariaya

Oct. 11, 2015 (Sunday)

3 pm – Today, I’m expected to go back to Sariaya, Quezon for part 2 of my Architectural thesis. Mum asked me to personally thank the jail personnel who have helped me on the 1st part even though they weren’t able to provide all the data I asked because of security constraint. I’ll try my luck again this time by showing my progress on 1st part, buuut I haven’t prepared myself or anything yet because…I don’t know (procrastination).

Maybe I should go there when I’m ready and completely done with it so I could present it sufficiently or even leave them a copy, but I’m also aware that mum have already told me this weeks ago and she’ll be crayzay if I’ll tell her that I wasn’t able to touch it even once. I was thinking it’s not much of a big deal anymore because I believe the data I got last year is workable enough. But she’s a forceful woman so I’m like okay…


Faye will accompany me going there as she’s already on her sembreak and basically got nothing else to do. I’m half-hearted about it because I thought I might enjoy the time alone more than with a sister. We’ll stay on grandma’s house for a day or two with our aunt, uncle and little cousin. I figured I won’t just have to prep request letters and things to say to the personnel but also a summary speech of what’s-up-with-my-life for my relatives. Ain’t fond of family reunions because you always have to try not to disappoint them. It’s no damn blog, you know.


These are the things I’ll bring with me, I spread them out to make sure I have all I needed:
Light clothes to wear
✓ More light clothes, undies, towels and socks
Journal, book and some magazines
Thesis book, boards, notes and pens
Hygiene kit

Decent clothes
✓ Phone, charger, wallet, watch, flash drive, etc.


6:30 pm  Halfway there. We bought a box of donuts for them but it smelled so good we consumed almost half of it. Lol. I also accidentally bought root beer, thought it was coke. I’ve never been a fan of this drink but I realize it actually tastes good. It’s now my favorite starting tonight.


8:30 pm Touch down Sariaya! This place has so much memories. I grew up here with my sisters and grandparents who took care of us while our parents were working in Manila and abroad. We moved out from here after my 2nd grade in primary school. Grandpa just died last year and I wasn’t able to come because I was so busy doing this thesis. He was a very good man. We now only go here every Summer and New Year with the whole family. We don’t stay more than 3 days because we usually have lots of works to do in Manila.

We were welcomed by our little cousin, Jemjem. She was jumping and giggling when we saw her. So adorable. I realize this post will going to be full of her and probably the reason why I’m even writing this. We had our dinner and rest shortly after. I could stay up until later but I think I should just sleep. I’ll prep things tomorrow, besides, we decided to go in the afternoon because they have Monday routines and inspections in the morning.

10:30 pm – Good night. Jemjem, Faye, lula (grandma) and I are in the same room, but I’m on another bed. Jemjem has cold and coughing badly.

Oct. 12, 2015 (Monday)

5 am – Nah, will sleep more.

7 am – Good morning. I’m the only one left in the bedroom. Let me show you some parts of this house, it’s very cluttered as what you’ll expect from living with a kid. I guess it was worse in our time back then but it has never been just because of children. Lula is a disorganized woman, we can’t deny that, but she’s very industrious and loves to multi-task. It looks stressful seeing her in shambles but she seems so used to it.


7:30 am – We went out for a quick stroll and ball.


8 am – Breakfast. Yey. 😀


8:45 am – We decided to chaperon Jemjem on her day care school because we think she’s going to be cute.


She tried to write her name, Jem Sotto. Awwwww, that’s so…stupid. Jk.


Her shy mates.




11 am – Home. Story time with Jemjem. Told you, its all about her. You constantly have to keep her distracted or else she’ll be the one distracting you. She keeps on interrupting whatever I’m doing like she’ll get the pen I’m using, play with my camera, get all things out of my bag and so on. Meh.


She was trying to sing the national anthem. We asked her what it was, she said “Bayang Giniling.”

12 pm – Done with lunch. Will take a nap because I feel  anxious about my task, don’t know exactly what I’ll do when I get there. I’ll call at 1 pm to check if the warden is there, then we’ll get ready.

3 pm – I bought food for them before going there. I thought it’s a good time for some snack. My uncle recommended the Pansit Lucban Seafood/Chicken with Pesto from Buddy’s.


5:30 pm – Got home. Bought another bilao for lula and others. It was good, but not great, to be honest. Or maybe it’s just not my type. Faye and I originally planned to go back home tonight but we decided to spend another night and leave tomorrow morning instead.

9 pm – Night time play.


12 mn – Good night.

Oct. 13, 2015 (Tuesday)

9 am – Going home now. See you again soon, Jemjem. Be a good girl. 🙂



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