The Hungry Cheap Monks: Foodever 21 Review

On our way to meet our friends, my bro, Gene and I went to try a food stop that’s just few blocks away from theirs. He said he has seen it in online reviews and why not give it a try. Just for fun, we decided to make unbiased review about it, we’ll rate it in 5 different aspects such as Food, Place, Concept, Price and Service. We’ll call ourselves The Hungry Cheap Monks, because we’re hungry and cheap. Lol.

(Note: We didn’t set how our feed backs should turn out, nor did we discuss each other’s opinions as one might prejudice the other. I only read his feed back after I’m done with mine and didn’t expect his to be too short. Haha.)

The Hungry Cheap Monks…

the hungry cheap monks

I apologize for our aliases. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



The Judgmental Something:

We got the Bacon B and Judgmental Burgers which cost P65.00 and P60.00 respectively. I know expectation should be proportional to the price but the outcome can either exceed which means it’s amazing, or fall short as disappointing. I think what makes consumers come back is the feeling that they get more than what they pay for, even if they’re really not.

My first impression was it’s smaller than expected. It didn’t say somewhere it’s gonna be huge but the picture shown mislead me in a way. It’s not unusual that the advertisement is bigger and better than the actual meal though. I cut the burger in half and the juices came out of the meat. I’m not super health-conscious so it pleased me to see that savory grease.

When it comes to the bun, I think they can have better than that because I’ve already tasted many from the same price range. I like the quality and texture of the ones in Jollibee more. The veggies are like the ones bought on Buy-1-Take-1 Burgers but that’s acceptable. They also serve generous amount of cheese sauce though not as rich as you might expect, but it’s good. I give the food a rate of 3/5 based only on what we had (they have chocolate burgers too!).

The Hungriest Cheap Monk:

Good food, small serving. (Sobs) (3.5/5)


The Judgmental Something:

The place is uncomfortable, they have limited space and I think we got the worst table especially that time where sun is directly on us. They have made-up garage space inside but we had the ones adjacent to the main road and near the counter. It got crowded near us and vehicles kept on passing by. It’s stressful but quite understandable. I heard it’s way better at night. I give the place 2/5.

The Hungriest Cheap Monk:

Uncomfortable. They could have converted the whole garage as the dining area. The good food deserve better than umbrellas and some native blinds. And the smoke and the noise from the vehicles alongside the major road is a no.

It works better for take-out. (1/5)


The Judgmental Something:

I love the concept. You don’t always find food stops that call their burgers pabebe, judgmental, sexy, etc. It takes guts and humor to do so. I think it has good potential to be a hipster hang-out place, mainly targeting young ones. As of now, I don’t see going there with my friends (in a regular basis) yet. One suggestion is to update their background music playlist. Go for indie! I give it a 4/5.

The Hungriest Cheap Monk:

Not your typical grab and go burgers which makes it lesser fast-food feels. You have to eat it woh a knife served in a wooden chopping board.

The food offerings make it upscale for a “street” food store. (4/5)


The Judgmental Something:

Because this review is basically for students or people who prefer budget-wise ones, I think it’s a bit pricey considering that a student lunch just costs around P35.00, and that makes you full already. It’s worth the try if you want something new but as long as I could get same food satisfaction or even better comfort in fast foods, I don’t see myself as a regular goer considering they fall on same price range. I give it a 2/5.

The Hungriest Cheap Monk:

The price could buy you two regular yumburger from Jollibee and you’ll be full. (2/5)


The Judgmental Something:

We didn’t have much fuss with the staff, they served what we ordered in less than 5 minutes and they looked happy so I give it a 4/5.

The Hungriest Cheap Monk:

It might be the time of the day with lesser concessionaires. In around 5 minutes, there it is. I wonder howbit is like during peak hours. (3/5)

“Are you willing to try it again?”

The Judgmental Something:


The Hungriest Cheap Monk:


Average Rating:

The Judgmental Something: 3/5
The Hungriest Cheap Monk: 2.7/5
Final Rating: 2.85/5

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