I saw my early Architectural craps again and it was fun

While cleaning my room, I realized every Architecture student must have experienced working in awfully cluttered environment. Thankfully, I have learned to lessen the tendency through the years, it’s like part of growing up and learning how to handle kinds of stress. Not all though, unless my name is Gandhi or Rajneesh. But as soon as I had a taste of the real-world, I also realized it’s actually an advantage if you can still work efficiently despite disorder.

I saw my first year Architectural models again. It looks seriously crappy, like, what the hell is this!?

I was highschool graduate back then and to be honest, I didn’t really know what Architecture is, even until mum recommended it to me a.k.a. enrolled me in it. I gratefully accepted it though because I still didn’t have a certain choice in mind, and she have always believed I belong in the creative realm which I truly agree.

I figured the first idea that comes to most people when they hear Architecture is “drawing.” Well, not really, because that’s only the tip of the iceberg and I’d rather use “translating” as a more appropriate term. Our work is to seek or to formulate an abstract solution for a design problem, then translate it into tangible materials such as plans and models, and then translate it again to reality through actual construction.

The problem was I didn’t know that, even though some of my mates were already kind of familiar with the process. Our professor’s instruction that day was to design a separate building for the College of Architecture and Fine Arts in light with its growing student population. CAFA resides with the College of Engineering that time until now. She didn’t gave an exact number of target population nor other building constraints, mainly because the goal of the activity is to test our ability to conceptualize and to establish our taste in design (which in that time, a gingerbread house). We also had to provide an explanation of how we came up with it (probably the story of Hansel and Gretel). She gave us only 2 hours to finish. I’ve never made a building model before so I didn’t have an idea how I’ll cut, fold and put those pieces of paper together. What I’m sure of was the allotted time won’t be enough for what I’m aiming.

When the time was called, I realized I wasn’t the only one got frustrated with the activity. We all ended up teasing and laughing at each other’s shits. Here’s what I managed to do…


Judging it now, it looks like our current Student Center on first glance, which was built not too long ago, not before the year we did this activity…wait, they totally got it from me!? No, but considering the scale of the supposed entrances in front, it will be as huge as Mall of Asia, which is fucked up because the college population is just around 600. What were I thinking!?

It looks like a corny mall where various shapes are randomly put together just to look fun and artsy. The size of openings on the cylindrical building looks odd, as if it only has 3 floors or less, when the scale of entrances is of 10 floors. Freaky.

I believe those white patches on roof are solar panels, which are an overrated building system today, like, ughhhk. The obelisk at the back seems exaggeratedly massive, like it’s in Digimon. It’s also better to put it in front with the open courtyard as it serves as landmark, as well as link and transition space to public, at least in its case. According to the one who made this, it’s concept was a rising sun, so as to resemble students in the college as hope for the future. Well, that’s kinda good, just poorly translated.

My professor gave me a grade of 75 % (I totally agree). Almost all my mates threw theirs in the trash, but as the sentimental pack I am, I kept mine. I thought no matter how crappy, it’s my first one ever, the beginning of many more to come. It resembles an old self, something to look back and laugh at in the future.

Here’s one my mate did (won’t tell who)…


That seriously looks like a wicked laboratory experimenting a Human Centipede 4.

Here are other early models (some are group projects)…



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