Happy 21st birthday, Lia!

Yesterday, we celebrated Lia’s birthday over a buffet lunch. Can’t believe she’s already 21 and starting her career! Aside from being sweet and effortlessly funny, she’s one of the very focused people I know. Ever since we’re young, she always know how to put her mind and effort on more important things, thus, usually achieving her goals. I admire her, sometimes envy, for knowing how to set priorities and not getting distracted (because I suck at that).

Happy birthday! I’m sorry for not being the best brother, but I promise to be always there for you. I wish you more success and happiness in life! I love you. Cheers. 🙂


We felt so fat and sinful until the night but it was good.

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3 Responses to Happy 21st birthday, Lia!

  1. unjellanera says:

    Malamang lagi nanaman ubos tempura

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