Foto Diary: Nov. 3, 2015

I’m in love with fotography (especially if spelled like that). But my good old cam lost its flash since late September and I’ve been only relying on post processing and natural light. I promised not to use it anymore to avoid further damage but I really can’t help snapping every now and then. It has already became a huge part of my life.

As I won’t be able to produce quality images indoors, I realized I’d rather use it to imitate old-school ones, like hipsters. It’s an old model itself so it won’t be good investment to be repaired anymore. I could just buy a decent one, but I’m trying to be mature and set priorities by considering I might need the money until graduation, so I’ll just wait for the right time.


Good night!

One thought on “Foto Diary: Nov. 3, 2015

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  1. Never mind the quality of the cam, it’s still efficient for your posts! Hehe 🙂 ako di rin SLR gamit ko whatsoever, usually phone lang or kinukuha ko sa photos ng friends ko haha

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