We Tried Indian Food


Every after payday, my office friends and I try to at least make it a point that we have our happy break from work. One of our favorites is eating out together because it’s very convenient when you don’t have plenty of time. Last week, I learned that there are Indian carinderias nearby our office which is located in Brgy. Bangkal, Makati City. By nearby, I mean walkable. The longer I stay here, the more I realize na hipster tong lugar na to. Wala sya sa Makati CBD so yung businesses dito, maliliit at never-heard but of commendable quality because the market is still of average to high income professionals.

We had 2 Indian carinderias in our option, so we first checked out the nearer one. Feeling ko bago lang sya kasi dumadaan naman ako sa lugar na to pero ngayong gabi ko lang sya nakita. It’s called Rakhi Ka Dhaba, whatever the spelling is. Para syang 2-car garage na ginawang kainan. When we checked out the menu which was written on a chalkboard, we didn’t get that excited because there were only few items to choose from. Actually parang wala ngang choice eh, that whole menu could be a 1-set meal for a single head, tapos di pa namin alam kung ano yung mga yun or at least idea because there weren’t any images around. We of course asked what kind of food are those, but kuya only gave us generic anwers like “tinapay po yan,” “gulay po yan,” or “chicken po yan.” Mga ganun. So we decided to check out the other one muna.

So the other one is along Osmeña Hwy. Mejo malayo from the first one but we immediately had smiles when we saw it. It’s in bright orange and curvy details with the signage Incredible India (Indian Food Depot). Pagpasok namin, amoy pa lang we knew it’s legit. Ako I’m genuinely happy with the whole set-up, di ko lang sure yung mga kasama ko. Para syang Mini Stop with few seats for dine-in customers, tapos lahat sa paligid Indian products. Meron pa ngang cd’s ng Indian movies, di ko sure kung binebenta nila pero I guess they play it on the TV inside. Old and bulky pa yung tv, ang cute. At that time patay yung TV and they were just playing local songs instead, sayang dagdag indian vibes sana.

I wasn’t able to bring my cam so di ko mapakita. When choosing what food to eat, I opted for the ones I have no idea. Can’t remember the exact names but it’s a masala and a vegetable rice for a total of Php135.00. Ang inorder nung dalawa kong kasama, chicken curry and rice (eh di sana nag-pinoy carinderia na lang? joke). Nakalimutan ko kung anong name nung inorder ni Gene.

Nagtikiman kami ng isa’t-isa, este ng foods namin (sobrang corny). Masarap naman yung kanila pero may pagkalasang de lata, yung feeling mo may preservatives? Concern rin pala nila in the first place na puro microwavable yung foods kasi nga para lang syang convenience store, they were expecting something na freshly cooked ata. So generally, mukhang di sila nasiyahan sa experience nila. Hahaha! Pero ako I swear I loved it by heart. Gusto ko kasi ng mga pagkain na bago para sakin no matter how awful it maybe. Nasarapan ako sa food ko, pero I don’t know if you could trust me because I haven’t had anything like that to compare with, also, di ako choosy sa food.

I bought and took out packed pita breads before we got out. Actually di ko alam kung pita breads yun, wala kasi akong maintindihan sa nakasulat sa package, basta mukha syang pita breads.

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  1. I hope you give Rakhi Ka Dhabha one more look and try because we serve freshly cooked meals not microwable the reason why no one can explain to you the meals is that we seldom get filipino customers and indians know what the menus are exactly… try to come 9pm onwards and see the crowd…

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