Bukol Removal

Spoiler alert, walang video na pwede nating mapanuod while eating lunch. 😢😂 So kanina I’m about to tell the story of my bukol removal to my friends on messenger, pero naisip kong ilagay na lang dito para full experience and for everyone to know (wow). 😂 Also para kapag may nagtanong in the future how was it or bakit ako nag-leave sa office, I’ll be like, “I’ll just tag you the link of my full story” or “link on my bio.” Ganon. 😂

Antok na antok ako pag-uwi at kagigising ko lang from a really deep 2-hr sleep. My mind feels so alive right now, di ko alam if it’s because of the drugs I took a while ago. Anyway, I’m going to show a pic of that nasty shit I had for 9 years. And yes, if ngayon mo lang nalaman, di kita tunay na friend. ✌️😁

Sayin’ good bye to this freak of nature.
I took that pic just before we went to the hospital today.

Tuwing may nagtatanong kung ano yan, sinasabi ko sebacious cyst pero I think lipoma is the more proper term for it. Pero di naman nila naiintindihan, so okay lang. 😂 Then I’ll move it around as if it’s a magic trick, and they’ll give me a grossed out look. Di kasi sya nakadikit sa laman, para syang nasa pagitan ng laman at skin kaya movable. Then I would say, “I could actually move this up to my neck.” 😂

Image result for lipoma

I had it removed at Unihealth-Parañaque Hospital and Medical Center. I never had a surgical operation before so I was a bit anxious. I was under Dr. Michael S. Pescante, and besh, ang tagal nya dumating, 1 hour and 15 minutes na ako nakahiga’t nakatulala sa surgical lights, no joke. Na-reminisce ko na buong childhood ko.

Pero mabilis lang yung operation nya sakin and I like that he’s very chill. So masakit ba? Part of it, yea. I felt different levels of pain. Di ko lang alam if I was really supposed to feel that despite the local anesthesia. Merong parang pitik lang ng crush mo nung grade 1, merong parang kagat ng antik, merong parang nung bumagsak ka sa isang subject nung college. Mga ganon. 😂 Yung cautery yung masakit, and I just learned about it. The pain was short but sharp. May isang pitik na parang gumapang sa buong sistema ko yung sakit. Like fuq that could kill me. Pero after nun, easy na lahat.

Pinakita sakin yung actual lipoma, it’s literally a piece of me, like a new-born kid. It feels weird to see it right in front of me. It’s so gross I love it! 😂 I wanted to take a pic just to gross out my friends but I wasn’t able to. I browse the net instead and found many that kinda looks the same.

P_20170812_153930[1]Image result for lipoma
Image result for arm schwannoma

You’re welcome. 😂

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