Make us proud

November 28, 2017

I’ll pass my application for exam to PRC tom. I hope everything will go well. Today, Jimson and I went to our college to have our logbooks signed. As expected, Ar. Ted had to play around and make fun of us before we get our intent. We had to pass time listening to his infatuations on guys on his Facebook feed. It wasn’t as annoying as you might think, we’re used to him pulling that naughty side especially when you need something from him (apart from being a strict-ass dean). Jimson and I had our fair share of courtesy laughs. I love the old man though, I think he’s really smart and well seasoned in the industry.

Jimson said he really asks his students to go down on their knees as he blesses them for the exams. I had to say “really?” when Ar. Ted asked me to go down. Then he said words like “I bless you to blah blah” while lightly tapping my logbook over my head and around my shoulders. I want to believe some magical power was bestowed upon me.

When I get up, he streched his arms open towards me. I was hesitant at first but I hugged him back firmly. It wasn’t like a hug as casual good bye with friends, it’s like a hug from a parent on an airport. That kind which I had to lightly pat his back as if he cried. He wished us luck and asked to make them proud in his soft and sincere voice. I really felt his blessing and encouragement to us. I promise I’d bring him flowers and chocolates when we get through the exam.

Jimson and I went to lagoon at main for lunch. There were no tables for us so we decided to just find a shaded area on the amphitheater. We were able to somehow quiz each other over our karaage and tonkatsu. I also had mango-lychee shake and it was one of the best I had there.

Then we went for Rush Id. Jimson already has his pictures, but after I saw it I told him that PRC may require one that his ears are shown. His hair have never been this long, but it’s still in an awkward length that he looks like he came back from the 80’s. It looks pretty cool in my opinion. He said he’ll only cut it after he pass the exam. I’m not sure about the ears issue, I might’ve heard that’s what you need on formal documents.

There were available coats on the shop and one fitted fine on me, unfortunately, they were all too big on Jimson. I don’t know why he still decided to wear it, he looked stupid and we were laughing the whole time! Back in college up to now, I swear we could still laugh at anything. I couldn’t help myself cracking while he’s being shot. He ended up in a facial expression like he’s about to shit.

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