Judging Jollibee Strawberry Fries

I was tired and low from studying the whole day and needed to pass few minutes outside. I was up for a little adventure and decided to try Jollibee’s Strawberry Fries. My first time hearing it? Disgusted! Just like everyone else! But I haven’t heard yet from anyone who’ve already tried it. So why not give it a try myself tonight? I realize I want to be able to say in the future that I’ve tried one from the list “25 Foods You Didn’t Know Existed But Thankful You Didn’t.”

I felt a little embarassed ordering it though because the crew had to make a second glance at me while putting my order on screen, like asking me, are you sure sir? He also even had to ask someone if they still have it.

Looking at the fries which color is paler than their ad, I had to ask Jollibee in my head, why? Whose wacky idea was this? The process must have been interesting. It smelled really sweet which I somehow expected. The first taste was surprisingly not that bad, but not the type I would crave to have again. The strawberry flavor has a resemblance to Rebisco Cream-filled Cracker, only more sour. It tasted like sweet pastry, like churros, which was okay but my mind kept reminding me that it’s my classic fries and that’s when it gets off.

It felt like being in a party and bumping with a childhood friend whom you haven’t met for a long time when lots of things have changed, and when this certain greasy aftertaste you’re very familiar with reveal itself inside your mouth, it reminds you of the good old times you can’t go back. Yup, it’s sad as an Adele song.

Maybe I’m not part of the target market and the original deep fried fries is just strongly engraved on me. I give an A for their willingness to get out of the box, but this just didn’t work for me.

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