Architect Licensure Exam: Post Exam Anxiety

January 28, 2018, Sunday

Here we are. I can’t believe it’s already over and we’re now at the most dreaded time of the season – the waiting of results. Today was the last day of our Architecture Licensure Exam, and here I am in my room, tired and depressed. I missed the chomping sound of my keyboard, it kinda eases my current anxiety. It’s been a long time since I last used this because I’m stuck with my laptop and phone for the past review months. I’m now surrounded by all the review notes and post-its attached on my walls, the white polo shirt and socks I wore today, my NOA inside a plastic envelope, the bag I used, all lying around on floor, making me feel somber.

I just want to talk about this awful feeling me and most of my fellow examinees are going through right now. The morning exam on Friday was bearable for me, then came the afternoon exam which I felt 5x harder than the previous one. I felt uneasy because I wasn’t sure with most of my answers, most of them were just derived from what I know. It’s also annoying because out of all the things I studied, just around 5% of the exact and direct terms came out! Despite of it, my spirit didn’t break completely because I still had hopes that I could manage to pick it up on our next exam (which was today).

Unfortunately, it turned out to be just another tough exam! We had the whole day from 8am-6pm (tiring), yet it wasn’t enough for me to analyze and solve all the problems. We might have underestimated it. There was actually a time when I caught myself giving a laugh of disbelief on how complex one problem was, like, how the hell could I answer that? Also that moment, 1 hour left, when you realize you could fail this most important exam in your life! Horrible feeling. Then you remember all the money, time and effort you have dedicated for it. Pressure, disappointment and self-doubt among others, all coming to you like an avalanche as you try to make the most out of the time left.

Another predicament is explaining to my parents why it turned out like that, and it’s not an easy task. They usually want a concrete answer on what went wrong, and instead of pointing to anything/anyone else, I just own the burden. That’s true anyway. I just talked to papa over the phone and told him this and that, but there’s the feeling again that I did not translate everything well enough.

During my review and up to the last day of exam, I have these silly mindsets like I’m aiming to be part of the top, but I’m also scared to death that I would fail. I find that weird because that’s on the two opposite sides of spectrum. I also badly wanted this to be over immediately but at the same time, not, because I didn’t feel ready yet (I never did). But at this moment, all I wish is for me to pass the fucking board exam.

They say you could feel it deep in yourself if you’re going to pass, so I’m trying to assess my self hard if I’m really feeling it or maybe I’m just trying hard to be positive and making a fool out of myself! In the next few days, we’ll know what my fate is. Praying and hoping for the best whatever happens. Amen.

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