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Green Zebra

Green ZebraIMG_0675

Green Zebra, Color Pencil and Ink, 6″ x 9″

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Happy 23rd Birthday, Mia!

mia abelahappy birthdaymia abela solo


Hi, Mia Jabelats. Tagalog na lang kasi alam kong mas prefer mo yun (lol). Maligayang ika-23 na kaarawan sayo! Ang tanda na natin, nakakatakot na. Ready ka na ba sa adult life? This is it!!! Joks. Maraming salamat sa magpipitong taon na pagkakaibigan (ikaw ang pinakamatagal kong nakasama sa kanila). Na-pressure ako kasi ang haba ng messages nila sayo, nagluluto pa ako ng adobo habang sinusulat to. Ide-describe na lang kita bilang parte ng buhay ko. ❤

Isa ka sa mga pinaka-sensible na taong nakilala ko. Dahil matagal na kitang kaibigan, alam kong di mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng sensible. Di bale, basta compliment yun! 😛

Nakakatuwa ka kasi combination ka ng bitch, bopols, kalog, nanay, girlfriend at kapatid. My college life cannot be complete without youuu. Aaawww…libre mo kami (lol).

Stay who you are and always be positive. Kayang-kaya mo naman. Nandito lang ako lagi para sayo, just like how I am for my sisters.  Wish kong maging successful ka pa sa buhay, and by successful, I mean satisfied and happy (without stopping growth). Because that’s what really matters in life. Kuya wisdom right thurrr. Wish ko din na magsama kayo ni Rov nang habambuhay at masaya. Happy birthday! We love you! Wag muna magjugs (lol).


Well, simple lang naman ang message ko.

Simulan natin sa unang pagkakakilala ko sayo…
….noong unang panahon.. jk. Hahaha.. noong una kitang nakilala, hindi ko lang alam kung nasabi ko na pero mejo takot ako sayo.. ahaha.. kala ko kasi mataray ka eh at hindi mo masasakyan ang kakulitan at mga kaingayan. Well, ndi nagtagal tuluyan nang nawala ang impression ko sayo na tahimik ka. Ang saya mo kasama. Pagdating sa kalokohan game na game ka. At ang pambubully kay gene, priceless.
ikaw ang “madame”, “senyora”, “prinsesa” ng tropa. (Pagbibigyan ka namin, araw mo ngayon.jk.)

Thank you mia. Thank you sa pagdadala ng “estrogen” sa grupo, nakakasama din ang too much “testosterone”. Ikaw ang nagimpluwensya sakin na maging babae ulit. Thank you sa mga payo,at advice sa mga girl talks naten. Thank you sa mga tawanang hatid nyo ni gene kapag nagaasaran na kayo. Thank you sa pagsagap mo ng worry sa panahong dapat nagwoworry din kmi.
Thank you sa presensya mo at attendance mo sa grupo. ^^

Simple lang nmn ang mensahe ko ngayong araw mo..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA BABEH!! wish you all the luck!! Hehe. You are one of the strongest ladies i know and i know you will excel in everything you put your heart on doing… Ayiiiieeee lady na oh.. ^^ masaya ako nakilala kita.

Ok na…sorry wala ako masabi, ndi ko alam sasabihin eh… wink emoticon libre huh! Hahahhah jk.

Jean Paulo

Hi Mia! Kung iniisip mo na pretty ka, walang pores, mukhang mabango, malinis, marikit, dalisay, mayumi, imakulada… Well, sige pag-isipan ko.

Una kitang nakilala dahil sa tatlo mong kaibigang lalaki na kay lalaki ng ano… Ng ano… Puso. At masaya ako na nakilala rin kita. Well, medyo masaya. Hindi super saya. Medyo kaunting masaya. Ganon.

Mula noon, nadagdagan ng panibagong kulay ang college life namin.

On the serious note, masaya ang pagkakaroon ng isang kaibigan na kagaya mo na medyo maginhawa ang buhay. Salamat sa pagbabahagi sa amin ng mjmunting kasiyahan kagaya ng Star City, at Star Bucks. Ibang klase kapag may kaibigan ka na Star Magic artist.

Joke. Ganda ganda mo no?

Pero thanks for sharing with us your tropa moments from the overflowing laughter and good vibes, to challenging downtimes and troubles. Masaya kami lalo na kapag nakikita kang nangingisay na katatawa. At kapag malungkot ka, pangingisayin ka pa rin namin.

Cheers to you, bi…yutipul. Keep glowing. Until you explode.

Here’s to never growing up!

Joks. Umoorder ng brip at deodorant,
-Gene Paulo.

PS. Sana lumakas benta mo this month. Mahal ka namin. Wag na muna mag-asawa.


Hey Mia.
I know I already gave you my message. But berto won’t allow me to be part of this surprise unless I make a new one. So here goes..

I never really expected you to become my friend. It just happens. All beautiful things just happen. I wouldn’t even become a part of this group if it weren’t for your sweetness and warm companionship lol. It’s like I found myself a little sister. Know that I’ll always be here for you.

I wish you the best in all things! We love you. Sana may ganito rin pag nag birthday ako. Joks.


Hello Mia Abelat Naalala ko nung early years natin sa college lagi tayong mag katabi sa upuan (alphabetical kasi) pero hindi mo ako pinapansin mukha kasi akong gusgusin, tapos mukha ka namang nene ( ahaha akala mo ako lang ah ahaha) nahihiya rin ako kausapan ka kasi mukha kang masungit nung una tska maarte (naks mukhang anak mayaman, maganda kutis hindi naarawan) at mukha ka ring lampa kaya mukhang hindi tayo mag kakasundo ( hindi joke lang). Hindi ko talaga inakala na magiging mag kaibigan tayo ( ahaha no choice ka eh kami lang nila boni at berto kilala mo sa section 3-3) and the rest is history na. Nakakamiss ka rin pala, nakakamiss ka asarin at biruin at syempre yung sakit ng katawan (kurot, hampas , sapok, palo, subunot, ahaha hindi ko maalala kung sinabunutan mo ako). Wish you all the best and good luck sa future, always stay safe, honest, cute and beautiful, nandito lang kaming PATOOTIES (remember sayo pinangalan yung patooties)
(remember sa inyo ni Sarah ko pinangalan yung patooties) God bless you Mia! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NGA PALA! (AHAHA)

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Get To Know Me

felbertson sotto

I think it would be fun to answer random surveys from fuckyeahsurveys every now and then, just to know me better. This one is called Get To Know Me:

A) What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?
Pauwi na po. Sent to mum.
B) What does the last text you recieved say? And from whom?
Today is Abegail C. Gonzales’s birthday. Reply to send a message or reply 1 to send a message that says “Happy Birthday!”. Sent by 212306.
C) What time do you wake up most mornings?
I have alarms set on 5:00, 5:15 and 5:30 am, but lately, I’ve been snoozing off until 7:30 with the sun all over my face!
D) Are you afraid of walking alone at night?
You mean outside? Either way, no. I’m usually the last one to sleep. I also usually wake up in the middle of the night to piss.
E) What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
Eating my favorite snacks while watching tv or scrolling over social medias.
F) Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?
House. Someone.
G) Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?
Just petty ones, like bringing cards, calling out for being inattentive because I was doing something else or horsing with someone.
H) Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?
Currently unemployed and definitely not content. I’m in my last term in college (hopefully) and it doesn’t offer enough time for a job.
I) Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?
Yea, I think so. Although I believe some think I don’t, because I usually don’t react to them. I prefer direct ones, or else it’s nonsense. No mind games.
J) Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?
Haven’t. I would decline though.
K) Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
Completely? Haven’t. Some ways, yea.
L) Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?
Is this a trick question?
M) Tell us something weird that turns you on.
Hmmm, seeing someone working-out turns me on, is that weird? Lol.
N) When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?
I think the word remind works better – everyday, and yea. 
O) What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
My thesis, supposedly…but haven’t given a lot. So nothing really (I feel dumb).
P) When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
I usually do when talking to papa, or parents, basically. It’s just tiring and doesn’t make difference at all.
Q) Do you usually initiate hugs?
I’m not a natural, but I’m comfortable of initiating hugs. *hugs you*
R) Are you a very affectionate person?
I am. Just not sure if that’s what I seem to be.
S) Can you roll your own cigarettes?
No. Is it cool if you can?
T) What are you looking forward to?
Graduation and happy stable work.
U) Do you have any tattoos. Do you want any/more?
I don’t have, because my family doesn’t appreciate the art in it, but I really want to. Soon!
V) Are you mentally strong?
Yea, I think I could say that.
W) Are you physically strong?
Generally, above average, maybe.
X) Do you think you’re a good person?
Um, yes? I’m mean sometimes but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad one, right?
Y) Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.
I feel I would sound hypocrite if I say I don’t want to change anything because I’m happy, so I think to be born as a prince of England would be nice.
Z) What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Coffee and eggs are the best.

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Foto Diary: Nov. 5, 2015

Sakit ng ulo ko. Joks.


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The Farewell ft. BBFamily

the farewell
Published on September 4, 2011 at 2:21 am

Friday, 13th of April, last day of classes para sa Baybridge School, after the farewell party, syempre may mga gala ang bawat magbabarkada, ang grupo nila Jomar Dimsdale, Daphne Richie, Elj Astoria, Felbert Peniston, Nileth Redheadded at Anthonette Buttknockles ay nagdesisyon na lang na mag-mall dahil ayaw nilang gumastos sapagkat may darating pa silang outing sa Laguna for the upcoming Summer.

On the way papunta sa mall, while Jomar is driving his Mazda with friends, he feels weird as if something will happen terrible, he concentrates on the road instead but he feels like someone is directing him to look up at the billboards, one by one, there was an advertisement about Urban Furniture, Home Depot, Chowking, Standard Appliances, Converse and Car Annual Sales. Pagdating nila sa mall, Jomar approached Daphne about what he felt while driving a while ago, Daphne said everything is ok and nothing to worry about, and that this is our last day of school so just have fun, at sumang-ayon naman si Jomar, “Yeah, wala lang siguro to, baka dala lang ng stress dahil sa final exams.”

Tumatakbo ang oras, marami silang ginawa, they watched movies together, they played at Timezone, picture-taking and marami pang iba. Nag-decide sila na dinner na lang kumain since the time was almost 5:30 pm. Pumunta sila sa Power Books Store dahil may bibilin si Jomar na novel book. The store is in 4th floor and dahil nasa ground floor sila, Nileth argues, “Guys it’s so taas na over there and I’m feeling tired na, why don’t we take the elevator kaya?”

Daphne replies, “Arte!” But the group decided to take the elevator. The elevator is almost in the corner of the shopping mall and people are barely riding the machine, inside the elevator, they are joking to each other, “Ano kaya ma-stuck tayo dito?” Anthonette joked.

“Huuuuuy! Wag naman!” Elj responded. 

“Sus! Rapein na yan si Elj! Haha!” Jomar teased. Everyone laughs at their jokes and suddenly a major city blackout occurs, namatay ang mga ilaw, and they were stucked inside the elevator. According to the guards outside, the blackout will be very long and that the electricity may come back tomorrow. The generator of the mall has malfunctioned so the management decided to evacuate the building and closed the stores and let workers head home so they can check on their families.

Walang nakakapansin sa group nila Jomar, hindi sila na-check dun dahil alam ng mga guards na wala namang sumasakay dun. By that time, all their cellphones loses all their batteries. After a long hours of suffocation and hunger, Jomar and Felbert forcely open the door of the elevator, pagkalabas nila, it is dark and wala nang mga tao, they were locked inside the mall, they checked every exit doors and all of them has security steel bars on, even the back doors and fire exit were locked, there was no way out so they have to wait until morning and be saved by the personnels. 

Nileth, the lusty girl of the barkada who has secret relationship with Felbert makes a move. “You know walang tao dito sa mall, it’s dark, and maybe we can escape a short time from our friends.” Nileth whispered.

“Ano naman gagawin natin?” Felbert asked.

“You know, maybe some SEX”.

Hearing the word SEX, felbert has gained a major erection and kisses Nileth, “Oh, that’s why I love you so much, tara let’s do it!” The two waited for the right time to escape. Jomar and Daphne decided to find the electricty room where there are switches that could turn the lights and power of the mall on. Having no connection to the outside world, they didn’t know that it was a blackout. Si Anthonette ay nagpasama kay Elj para humanap ng pagkain dahil gutom na gutom na raw siya.

“Tara it’s time.” Nileth signaled felbert. They went to furniture section of the mall, they found a perfectly soft spot which was the showroom of the Urban Furniture company. There was a giant bed surrounded with mirrors, and a very huge chandelier made of glass and spiky edges on top to make the picture more elegant. They had sex on it and that was the best sex they had on their entire life, feeling the pleasure, kinakapa nila ang isat isa, mapusok ang bawat galaw, sa sobrang pusok umaalog na ang buong kama, little did they know, the chandelier was only supported by a couple of screws that are attached to the railings of the bed, because of the wiggle, shaking and vibrating, the chandelier collapsed and smashed the two of them, their faces are severely ripped off by the shattered glass, blood all over the bed sheets and large pieces of glass are into their body, they died together while in a sex position.

Anthonette and Elj went to Chowking, they forcely open the door and find their way to the kitchen to find something they can eat, still no lights, si Anthonette ay nangangapa lamang, there was a line of kitchen utensils like sharp knives, pots, plates, etc. There was also an oven, stove and grill. Elj just waited for Anthonette. Out of clumsiness, si Anthonette ay nadulas sa basang sahig sa tapat ng dripping faucet, nakahawak pa siya sa mga nakasabit na kaldero pero bumigay rin ang mga ito at napaplakda siya sa floor in an upright position, pag bagsak ng mga kaldero, natamaan nito ang lalagyan ng mga kutsilyo at tumaob sa tapat ni antonet at siya ay nasaksak, killing her immediately beacuse of the knife that strucked her right in the eye and through her brain, nakita ni Elj ang buong pangyayari. Sa sobrang pagka-shock niya, napatakbo siya palabas para humingi ng tulong.

Meanwhile, nahanap na nila jomar and daphne ang electricty room, it was in the basement of the mall, there were so many switches and di nila alam ang dapat buksan, there was also a very big exhaust fan a size of the circumference of an averaged sized human. They turn on and off the switch and nothing happened. “Maybe it was a blackout” Jomar said. Daphne still not convinced, she said “Maybe makakalabas siya sa pamamagitan nung butas sa exhaust fan, tatawid siya rito palabas then hihingi ng tulong. Executing her idea, inilabas na niya ang left leg niya and slowly inserting her body, her jacket’s zipper was stucked into one of the screw of the exhaust fan, she begged help from Jomar, but when he was about to do it, the elctricity came back while Daphne was still stucked in the middle of the exhaust fan. The fan started to operate, Daphne is panicking, Jomar can’t do anything because the fan started swinging, until it was in full power, Daphne’s body was chopped into pieces like a meat grinder bursting the blood into jomar’s face, Jomar was in the state of disbelief! “OH MY GAAAAAWWWD, SHIT! DAPHHH!!!” He cries and run towards the place where he left his friends, he saw no one, then he heard Elj screaming, “Tulooooong!!! si Anthonette!!!” While running pababa sa escalator, her shoelaces untied, even though her hair was in a perfectly queue style, sumabit at naipit ang sintas ng saptos niya sa escalator, di na niya ito matanggal, hanggang sa napaupo na siya at napahiga, habang umaandar ang escalator, sinubukan ni Jomar tulungan si Elj pero huli na ang lahat. Naputol na ang paa ni Elj, dumanak ang dugo, naipit na rin ang kanyang buhok causing her head to be grinded, her body  was all over the place. Little did Jomar know, all of his friends were all dead.

Sunrise, there were policemen, ambulances, media, investigators and people eavesdropping about what happened last night surrounding the entrance of the mall. Jomar in a state of shock was forcely and brutally investigated, after many questions, one man said that jomar can be realeased. Crying, Jomar drives his car way back home, and then a sudden unexplainable moment, all the faces on the billboards are the faces of his friends who died in the incident, his heart was trembling, he sweats and can’t concentrate because he was scared, he was so disturbed, and the last billboard he saw was the car annual sales, then he looks back  at the road, a very big ten-wheeler truck is heading towards him. He didn’t realize he was already in the wrong lane, after a moment, his car was smashed by the speeding truck shattering his body parts all over the road.

They all died. Farewell!

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Foto Diary: Nov. 3, 2015

I’m in love with fotography (especially if spelled like that). But my good old cam lost its flash since late September and I’ve been only relying on post processing and natural light. I promised not to use it anymore to avoid further damage but I really can’t help snapping every now and then. It has already became a huge part of my life.

As I won’t be able to produce quality images indoors, I realized I’d rather use it to imitate old-school ones, like hipsters. It’s an old model itself so it won’t be good investment to be repaired anymore. I could just buy a decent one, but I’m trying to be mature and set priorities by considering I might need the money until graduation, so I’ll just wait for the right time.


Good night!

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